Loans for state teachers – rates and benefits for teachers

Whoever carries out the difficult profession of state teacher has an interesting opportunity to obtain the loan of a sum of money in a short time .

Whoever carries out the difficult profession of state teacher has an interesting opportunity to obtain the loan of a sum of money in a short time .

Unfortunately, it can happen to everyone to face unexpected and unexpected expenses and, precisely for this reason, it is very important to be able to count on the possibility of obtaining a secure loan without too many expectations. The only requisite for obtaining state teacher loans is the indefinite appointment for at least 4 months .

Whoever works as a teacher can access the credit lines dedicated to public employees. Not only that, teachers can also go to any bank without the fear of not having a salary certificate. One of the best solutions for obtaining loans for state teachers is to take into consideration the small public management loan provided by the (formerly Inpdap) and specifically intended for teachers.

We are talking about a loan for small amounts and in the short term , which teachers can repay in constant installments with the deduction from the salary. Not only that, this kind of loans for teachers can be requested without having to attach any supporting documents.

Once you have verified that you have all the requirements to obtain the loan, you can apply and get an answer quickly. For example, to obtain this type of loan for teachers, it will be necessary to be enrolled in the Credit Fund and pay the related contribution with deduction in payroll (0.35%).

Even retired teachers will be able to access loans for state teachers but in this case, enrollment in the Credit Fund is optional . Another solution is the non-finalized personal loan, a solution that allows you to request the necessary amounts without having to present any justification and to establish a personalized repayment plan .

If there were the need to request loans for state teachers but there were already other loans in progress , there would be the possibility of the transfer of the fifth, or a modality that allows payments to be made directly in the pay packet. In this case it will be possible to obtain the loan even if there are protests or unresolved situations.

Whoever faces even greater expenses could also add the proxy loan to the sale of the fifth, a loan consisting of a double installment withheld from the salary.

If you would like more information on loans for state teachers enrolled in the Magistral Assistance Management, you can visit the official website at any time. Among the teachers enrolled there are those of state primary school for permanent children, school administrators coming from the former role of didactic directors and directors of general and administrative services (also in retirement).

The amount of loans for government teachers is payable in 24 monthly installments and can never exceed two months of current salary. Obviously, it will not be possible to request the granting of a new loan before having extinguished the previous one. Furthermore, to apply for teacher loans, it will be necessary for applicants to have been in service for more than two years from retirement.

The financing of loans for state teachers of is provided only in some specific cases such as the birth of children, marriage, death of family members, serious illnesses, purchase or maintenance of the house and dental care.